Data Backup and Transfer

66% of people have lost critical data from their computer!*

Losing valuable information when you are trying to back up or move data, or because of a computer problem, a hard disk crash, or when transferring data to a new computer is frustrating and potentially costly. And of course you may never get the data back. You might lose family photos, financial data, your music collection or important business documents. Your personal settings can also take a long time to reconfigure on a new computer. Desktop settings, background, sounds, screen savers, and wireless network configurations are all things that you will need to get sorted out before you are back to working at your best.

If you need data backed up or moved and want to know it is safe Call The Budget Computer Company today        1300 209 007

Did You Know : 82% of home owners don’t do regular back-ups* – are you one of them? If so you are risking losing valuable data!

Prevention is better than cure – so to avoid falling into the trap repeated by so many people, take some preventative steps and, spend a small amount of time on a regular basis to perform, back ups. You can even set up a device to perform regular automatic back-ups of your data – once you have set the system up it will do all the work for you! If this sounds like the sort of service you would like, but don’t know how to do it – Give The Budget Computer Company a Call : 1300 209 007


Your technician can manually back up your personal files and settings in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows Server, or any other Windows device plus any Apple Mac or Macbook devices.


Back Up & Move Data

There are many reasons why data transfer should be done and our team are highly experienced in this area.

Our Technicians can copy and transfer profiles and data from one computer to another, old to new.

Interested in upgrading your hard drive? We can image your hard drive with specialised software, replicating your existing hard drive, ensuring a very smooth upgrade process..

Are you disposing of an old computer but would like to keep a copy of the stored data? Our Team can image the drive into a flat file for safe keeping.

Every day, our technicians speak to people who have suffered data loss due to faulty or failed hard drives. Don’t risk the permanent loss of your personal data! ! We can install an on-going, automatic backup of all of your most important files including precious family photos, important financial records and other valuable data.


Get on to The Budget Computer Company today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is safe!!                    


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Transferring data from your old computer to a new computer?

First we will set up your new computer exactly the way you like it and then we will safely transfer all of the data you want to keep, installing and saving it where you want it, for easy access.

Want an automated backup of your data?

We recommend automated data back up for people who are using their computer or laptop a lot, particularly for business, pictures and important documents.

Your technician can set up cloud storage or storage to a media device, linked to a computer, either way the regular automatic back saves you time and takes away the worry!

Stop thinking about back up and take action! NOW!

Let us help you with your data back up and move!

To find out more, about all our Backup services and how we can make IT easy for you call us to discuss your plans on 1300 209 007 or click here and complete the enquiry form.


* Kabooza Global Survey DEC 2008-Jan 2009


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