Networking, Wi-Fi & Modems

Haven’t experienced the enormous benefits of a wireless home or business network yet? It might be time to! A wireless network will allow you to share an internet connection and printer as well as other files like documents, spreadsheets, movies and music between as many computers as you like. 


Setup a network between your computers

A wireless network will be setup using basic and affordable hardware like a router and network card/s, all of which can be supplied by you or us.

Create network share locations

Rather than having copies of shared files – for something like a document or folder of spreadsheets that more than one person might want to work on – stored all over the place, we will create one central location for sharing and show everybody how to access it quickly and easily from any device on the network.


Enable shared printers and media devices

Your printer/s and other media devices will be added to the network so that everyone in the home or business can access them from anywhere.


Connect other networkable devices

What’s also great is that many other devices are ‘net-workable’ too meaning they can be added to your network and then be accessed on other devices on that network. For example, you might want to add your smart TV and digital camera to the network so that holiday photos can be viewed on your big screen TV! We’ll help with this.

Why have a wireless network for your business?

Shear convenience and efficiency, that’s why. How annoying is it that you can only print documents from the computer that the printer is plugged into?

Need to access accounting software, or share documents, but you can’t unless you download them to a flash drive and physically pass them to someone else?

With a wireless network, you can share an Internet connection across multiple computers as well as share files and printers and even network your media devices, too, if you want to. Ask us about our Support Networking Service today.


Keeping Your Data Secure

We will not only setup and configure your wired and wireless network for you but also encrypt you network to keep it secure from anyone who doesn’t have permission to access it.


Secure your servers

  • Keep servers, switches and hubs locked.

  • Monitor and limit access to server rooms.

  • Consider fire and flood risks as well as theft.

  • Keep server rooms cool.

  • Ensure server rooms have redundant power supplies.



Server security tips

  • Seek expert advice from a trusted supplier.

  • Restrict the number of administrator passwords.

  • Consider using a hardware firewall for your servers.

  • For servers running Microsoft operating systems, run Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser for security advice.

  • As with desktop PCs, servers need a firewall, regular updates and anti-virus software.

  • Don’t use a server as an employee’s workstation.

  • Read server reports, such as security logs, and monitor for changes and irregularities.

  • Make sure you have a rapid response maintenance contract for any servers you’re responsible for.

  • Regularly back-up server data and keep back-up data secure and only available to authorised personnel.

  • Factor in redundancy in your server setup.

To find out more, about all our services and how we can make IT easy for you call us to discuss your plans on  1300 209 007 or click here and complete the enquiry form.


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