Operating Systems

The operating system (OS) is what makes your computer work the way you expect it to. It facilitates all of the different things that you do on it and its importance means that a faulty one can cause all kinds of problems. This can make them tricky to either install or repair but luckily not for us! Here are some of the things we might do depending on your particular requirements.

Install of operating system

If you’re looking to upgrade your operating system, we can come out onsite to supply and install the latest version or if you already have a copy, we can just come out to install it for you.

Reinstall/restore to factory default

Sometimes your existing operating system can become corrupted and require a reinstall. This can be tricky so let us do it for you! Where possible, we’ll backup all of your data and perform a reinstall, returning your computer back to its factory default settings (your computer will be exactly like it was the day you got it).

Restore Files

Returning your computer to its factory default settings doesn’t mean losing those important files of yours forever. Using our backup of your data, we can restore any and all of your files to their rightful place on your machine!

Install critical updates

Restoring it to its factory default settings means that it loses all of the Operating System updates installed on it since you bought it brand new. These need to be downloaded and reinstalled to guarantee optimal performance.

Install necessary drivers

Similarly, restoring your computer to its factory default means that any drivers installed on the machine over time to support new peripheral devices will be lost. Drivers are the various pieces of software that make devices like printers and scanners talk to your computer and work. These will be downloaded and reinstalled.

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